High Net Worth Planning

Marketing Webcasts : 4th Wednesday of Every Month

These monthly webcasts will focus in on two key elements to working with the high net worth client or family.

The first is process. High net worth clients are looking for results. They understand that though you may customize something for them, they don’t expect (and don’t want) you to invent something new for them.

Rather, what they are looking for is consistently high quality results from professionals who know what they are doing and how they are going to do it.

Tune in to these webcasts when we dissect the InKnowVision process, work on how you can incorporate the process into your day to day business and succeed like never before.

Is marketing to the high net worth client the same as marketing to everyone else? Absolutely not. In these sessions, we will look at how to market for more high net worth clients. We will bring invited guests to the table who have had repeat successes and hear what they do to magnetically attract the high net worth client.

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